Available in: Northland only 

Cabin Layout: see galery for photos 

Transport (delivery and pick up)/Leveling fee from: $600.00
Hiab cost not included - click here for more information 

STANDARD Large cabin - Floor dimension: 4.2m x 2.4m 
6  months $110.00 per week – bond $440.00
On booking - Totall payable: $1150.00

12 months $100.00 per week –bond $400.00
On booking - Totall payable: $1100.00

 No bathroom or toilet.

 Cabin Layout: see galery for photos (open plan) - Please note: the look of the cabin or sliding door possition may differ. 
Dimension 4.2m x 2.4
open plan cabin with sliding door and one window fully insulated, one outside light, two inside lights, two double plugs, and carpet.

At the moment only large cabins available

 No bathroom or toilet.

Click here for more photos

Further delivery charges may apply based on distance travelled and specialised equipment hiab is required. If you require hiab that is additional cost to hiab company of your choice. We deliver cabins on trailer.

Do you have landlord's approval to put the cabin on the site? If not, please give the landlord a call and ask for approval.

Please note: cabin with two windows is no longer available for rent 


Applying for Rent is Easy with ModernCabins!

Choose between cabin sizes. Simply complete all the information requested in application form.

We will respond to your online application form within the next business day.

You will receive invoice to pay bond and delivery/pick up cost.

Once you pay required amount your cabin will be booked and delivery date will be arranged.

This application is required for the purposes of assessing your eligibility to rent or rent to buy a cabin from us.

Please complete the application below.

Rental Application Form

Please complete all the information requested in the following form. Hirers Information - if some info is missing form will not be submited so put nil to info thats empty


Do you need a permit?
For Medium cabin 3.6m x 2.4m and Large  4.2m x 2.4m you don’t need permit because they are not bigger then 10sqm cabins.

How do you connect cabins power?
ModernCabins cabins are built with an outdoor power socket. You can plug the lead into any socket in your house.