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Adding an additional room to your home can be very costly. There is a solution – MODERN CABINS portable cabins, sleepouts, built to order. They look great in any situation. Our cabins are brand new; high quality, durable, low maintenance, stylish and affordable. We offer different sizes with a standard layout in each, but we can custom build to suit your needs.

ModernCabins cabin, sleepout will look good year in and year out.

Buying a portable sleepout or cabin is easy. Simply choose any standard size and give us a call or fill in the application below and we will call you. If you are after cabin that it’s not listed below, please send us email to: with needed configuration. Each cabin can be customised with specific features to your requirements and budget.

- Top quality materials                - Built with treated timber         - New joinery            - New carpet and underlay             - Electrical certificate
- Plug in to the wall socket in house             - Fully insulated            - Spouting


Price List Model: Open Plan - No Trailer Cost   
Medium cabin - Floor dimension: 3.6m x 2.4m  $15,000 Inc GST
Large cabin - Floor dimension: 4.2m x 2.4m  $17,500 Inc GST
Extra Large cabin - Floor dimension: 4.8m x 2.4m   $18,900 Inc GST
Cabin: 6m x 2.7m  $24,500 Inc GST 
Extra Large cabin with bathroom - Floor dimension: 4.8m x 2.4m –  $28,500 Inc GST


 You Can Have all cabins on trailer, simply ask us for cost

Description:  Cabin / Sleepout with  Cost No trailer
  1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and kitchenettes
Size:  8m x 2.7m $43,990            Inc GST
Size:  9m x 2.7m $46,990            Inc GST


Medium and Large cabin: Open plan with sliding door, one window, one outside light, two inside lights, two double plugs, and carpet.
Extra Large cabin and 6m x 2.7m: Open plan with sliding door, two windows, one outside light, two inside lights, two double plugs, and carpet.

Extra Large cabin with bathroom: Open plan with sliding door, two windows, one outside light, two inside lights, two double plugs, carpet, shower, toilet, bathroom vanity, and wooden floor.


All cabins comes with electrical certificate.


Price List Model: Open Plan - On Trailer  Cost   
Cabin: 8m x2.7m  $38,000 Inc GST

Lead time: 8 weeks

We also do cabins with bathroom and kitchenette - please ask us for prices

Delivery charges may vary based on distance travelled and specialised equipment required. If you require a hiab, this will attract an additional cost direct to the hiab company of your choice.

We also Build to Order, feel free to run any plans past us

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Additional standard window - can be ordered and installed for additional -

$890.00 Inc GST

Painting - if you wish to have different colour cabin to our standard, you can for additional (the left-over colour we will give you) -

$150.00 Inc GST


Double glazing joinery additional. Please note: lead time will be longer than standard -

$1,600 Inc GST
For Large cabin

$2,300 Inc GST
For Extra Large cabin

Additional power point -

$80.00 Inc GST

Spouting with down pipe -

$350.00 Inc GST

Cedar box corners and facias -

$600.00 Inc GST


Deck size:
Medium Cabin 1500 x 3.6 cost $1,500 Inc GST
Large Cabin 1500 x 4.2  cost $1,900 Inc GST
Large Cabin 1500 x 4.8  cost $2,400 Inc GST

Please note: We don't supply power leads or do electrical on the house outlets. 

Buying a cabin

Please complete all the information requested in the following form. Purchaser Information


Do you need a permit?
For Medium cabin 3.6m x 2.4m and Large 4.1m x 2.4 you don’t need permit because they are both under 10sqm.

How do you connect cabins power?
ModernCabins cabins are built with an outdoor power socket. You can plug the lead into any socket in your house or garage.